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Rowlett, TX

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December 3, 2008

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Cosa Nostra

In my spare time I...
cook, run, read, and spend time with my awesome family!

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Watership Down

My parents always told me... eat your vegetables.

April W
What Would Wonder Woman Do?
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in Phoenix, AZ
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Delicious and fresh Tex-Mex
Went here for lunch a few days ago, and it was fabulous. Once my eyes adjusted to the low lighting inside (it's dark in there at first), I noticed the wide-open feel of the place and the upscale decor. The waitstaff was very attentive, and we sampled the guacamole "made fresh at your table" - amazing. It's a little on the spicy side (warning: I'm a spicy food wimp), but worth it.
in Coppell, TX
Level 6
It seems odd to review a church; after all, it's an extremely personal decision or something you are born into. But here goes nothing...<br />
<br />
I really like Catalyst because of their casual down-to-earth style, the music, and how welcome I feel when I attend.
in Rockwall, TX
Level 6
This was a delightful surprise for an impromptu family meal. The food was excellent, affordable, fresh, and prepared quickly. Our server, Robby, was just great.
in Garland, TX
Level 6
Had lunch here for the first time the other day. Parking wasn't bad, I was able to find a spot on the street very close to the restaurant. When we arrived, it wasn't very crowded. The waitstaff was extremely attentive (I swear they refilled my water after every sip.) Atmosphere was upscale, but prices were very reasonable. I got soup, salad, and a half sandwich for $8.95.
in Dallas, TX
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